About BIF :

The Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) was established in this university in the year 2006 with the financial support of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India under the Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISnet) programme. The primary objective of this facility is to promote biology teaching through bioinformatics (BTBI).

This is an University facility for Biocomputing, wherein School of Life Sciences is a nodal School in management of the facility.The aim of the facility is to provide Biocomputing infrastructure for researchers in various disciplines of Science and Technology for development of innovative methodologies, techniques, tools. Further, the facility augments research in the area of Systems Biology and Drug Discovery.

Facility supports the computational requirement of doctoral and PG students for carrying out thesis / project work. Further, students from various public funded institutions are selected periodically for training in the area of Drug Discovery.

The activities of the facility are coordinated by the Coordinating Committee with following members:

Prof. H.A.Nagarajaram
Dept.of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Prof. Lalitha Guruprasad, SC
Dr. S. Durga Bhavani, SCIS
Dr. S. Rajagopal, PS, SLS
Dr. K. Sreenivasulu, AS, SLS
Dr. P. Anil Kumar, BC, SLS

Tools Developed :




Objectives :

Development of bioinformatics tools with applications in Drug Design and Systems Biology
Development of new databases based on the gene structure, transcription activity and function
Creation of integrated platform like HIV Information Resource.
Training maters and doctoral students in Drug design and systems biology
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