About BioQuest

BioQuest is an annual event of the School of Life Sciences (University of Hyderabad) to showcase the infrastructure, and the ongoing teaching and research programs of the School of Life Sciences. This also provides an opportunity for the young scientists and faculty to interact with the industry partners and explore collaborations.

Program of the BioQuest is aptly tuned for achieving this aim. During the concise and comprehensive two-day program, there will be lectures delivered by the selected students and faculty of each department, and the scientists working on the emerging fields of science in the life-science industry. In addition, participants will have the chance for discussion not only during poster sessions and presentations but also during the social activities in the evening.

We look forward to meeting you at the vibrant and dynamic School of Life Sciences at University of Hyderabad. Your support and sponsorship for the program would be highly commendable.

Invited Lectures
  • Dr. Mohan Pandey
    "Globalization of Innovation: Future(s) of Drug Discovery and Development"

  • Dr. Suresh Poosala
    "Animal Models in Research (23rd Sep)"

  • Dr. Uday Saxena
    "How are new medicines discovered- The science and business of drug discovery"

  • Dr. Radha Rangarajan
    "Developing next generation antibiotics"

  • Dr. Shanavas Alikunju
    "From Molecular Biology to Systems Biology: Contributions to Drug Discovery and Development"

  • Dr. Raman Govindarajan
    "Drug discovery and its pitfalls"

SLS Faculty Talks
  • Prof. Ramaiah
    Translational Regulation: Importance of Phosphorylation of eIF2alpha in Ageing and Insulin signaling

  • Dr. Santosh
    Protein engineering: A tool for creating enzymes with improved selectivity

  • Prof. A.R. Reddy
    Plant-based Biofuels: Current status and future challenges (23rd Sep)

  • Prof. Appa Rao
    Chitooligosaccharides and immunity in plants

  • Dr. JSS Prakash
    Heat induced programmed cell death in the cyanobacterium

  • Dr. Suresh
    Functional characterization of male reproductive tract proteins

  • Dr. Aruna Sree
    Protein function regulation by post-translation modifications by and of HDACs

  • Dr. Prakash Prabhu
    Swirling in and straight off movements of protein lid: Molecular dynamic simulation studies on pancreatic lipase

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