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CyanoPhyChe is a user friendly database, one can browse through it for physico-chemical properties, structure and biochemical pathway information of cyanobacterial proteins. We downloaded all protein sequences, from the cyanobacterial genome data for calculating the physico-chemical properties, such as molecular weight, net charge of protein, isoelectric point, molar extinction coefficient, canonical variable for solubility, grand average hydropathy, aliphatic index, and number of charged residues. Based on the physico-chemical properties, we provide the polarity, structural stability and probability of a protein entering in to an inclusion body (PEPIB). We used the data generated on physico-chemical properties, structure and biochemical pathway information of all cyanobacterial proteins to construct CyanoPhyChe. The data can be used for optimizing methods of expression and characterization of cyanobacterial proteins. Moreover, the 'Search' and data export options provided will be useful for proteome analysis. Secondary structure was predicted for all the cyanobacterial proteins using PSIPRED tool and the data generated can be accessible to researchers working on cyanobacteria. In addition, external links are provided to biological databases such as PDB and KEGG for molecular structure and biochemical pathway information respectively. External links are also provided to different cyanobacterial databases.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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* Disclaimer: The contents of this database are based on information generally available to the public from sources believed to be reliable. No representation is made for its accurateness or completeness nor any responsibilities are claimed for any consequences thereof.
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