The North-East region of India is a one of the twelve mega biodiversity region, containing many rare and endangered species. We have developed a curated database of medicinal and aromatic plants from the region called NeMedPlant. The database contains traditional, scientific and medical information about plants and their active constituents, obtained from scholarly literature and local sources. The database is cross-linked with major biochemical databases and analytical tools. The integrated database provides resource for investigations into hitherto unexplored medicinal plants and serves to speed up the discovery of natural products-based drugs.
  Development of new natural product based drugs for treating disease requires multiple approaches. Using bioinformatics approaches, we made an attempt to systematically record information on rich heritage of medicinal plants in this unexplored region. We gathered traditional, scientific and medical information from local sources and peer-reviewed literature and compiled into a comprehensive knowledgebase. The present database with integrated information on herbs, natural products, structural physicochemical properties and analytical tools would be an ideal resource for information retrieval, pharmacological, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics analyses, to make new discoveries in the area, and direct further experimental investigations. Some of the plants appearing in this database from NE region also occur beyond the area, hence suggesting the usefulness of it outside the region as well.