NeMedPlant: A database of medicinal plant from NorthEast India  NeMedPlant: An integrated resource for natural product analysis  NeMedPlant: A database of
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India is well-known for its valuable tradition of herbal medicinal knowledge. The indigenous systems of medicine is utmost important for the ethnic people and tribals living in the remote forest areas as they still depend on it to a great extent. The North East India is one of the flourishing repositories of Medicinal and Aromatic plants in the World. The region is rich in wild plants having ethno botanical values. For everyday common ailments and diseases there are wide varieties of plants. So far the documented information about the medicinal plant is very limited in North East India. Though some of the tribal medicines have been already included in the organized systems of medicine, much larger number of folk medicines has remained confine to certain tribal pockets in North East India. The knowledge acquired by the tribals through their experience on valuable medicines is usually passed on by oral traditions as a guarded secret of certain families. Therefore we have developed a curated database NeMedPlant, for proper digitization of the medicinal plant of North East India. The importance is given to the potentialities of ethnomedicinal studies in North East as it can provide us a very effective strategy for the discovery of more and potential useful chemical compounds. The main focus is given to two most dreaded disease of the century i.e. AIDS and Cancer. The database also includes the information about the medicinal value against the various types of diseases, Industrial information, literatures etc. Read More...

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