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Accession number : UI72468376 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Aerides odorata Loud
Common Name N/A
Place - Nagaland- reported in Mokokchung, Changtongya and Chare regions.

Parts Used:

1: Root
Medicinal information
Disease Name
UsesPaste formed from fresh root along with bark paste of Azadiracta indica is consumed to cure joint pain and swelling
SourceHossain, M.M.2009. Med. Aromat. Pl. Sci. Biotehnol., 1:101-6.
2: Leaf
Medicinal information
Disease Name Tuberculosis
UsesLeaf juice may be prepared which can be consumed to control mild tuberculosis
SourceDash, P.K., Sahoo, S. and Bal, S. 2008. Ethnobotanical Studies on Orchids of Niyamgiri Hill Ranges, Orissa, India. Ethnobot. Leaft., 12:70-78.

Accession number : VB83458656 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Dendrobium nobile Lindl
Common Name N/A
Place - Nagaland- widely scattered in various areas of Peren, Phek, Kaphire and Noklak regions

Parts Used:

1: Stem  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name Pulmonary tuberculosis, General debility, Night sweats, Fever and Anorexia
UsesStems are dried and ground into powders which are then added to water to form aqueous extract which may be used as tonic to nourish stomach and promote the production of body fluid.The plant is also used in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, general debility, thirsty mouth, night sweats, fever and anorexia. They may also help boost the immune system.
SourceLiu, Q.F. and Zhao, W.M. 2003. A new dedonbrine type alkaloid from Dendrobium nobile. Chin. Chemical Lett., 14:278-279; Chauhan, N.S. 1999. Medicinal and aromatic plants of Himachal Pradesh. Indus Publishing Company, New Delhi, India.

Accession number : KP14491715 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Artocarpus heterophyllus
Common Name Theibong (Manipuri)
Place - Commonly found in Manipur

Parts Used:

1: Root
Medicinal information
Disease Name Asthma, Pneumonia,Tuberculosis,Diarrhroea
UsesThe root portion is used in back ache, snake bite, dog bite and vomiting.
SourcePurkayastha, J., Nath, S.C. and Islam, M. (2005). Ethnobotany of medicinal plants from Dibru-Saikhowa Bioshpere Reserve of Northeast India. Fitoterapia 76: 121-127; Dr.S.C Sinha (2001) Medicinal plants of Manipur;
2: Seed
Medicinal information
Disease Name Diarrhoea
UsesThe seed is Aphrodisiac and is also used in snake bite.
SourceSharma U.K. (2004). Medicinal plants of Assam. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh. Dehra Dun.