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Accession number : EM32704185 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Arundina graminifolia (D.Don) Hochr
Common Name N/A
Place - Nagaland- found in Chare, Meinkong, Changi and Jalukie regions

Parts Used:

1: Rhizome  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name Diabetes, tumor, hyperliposis and hepatitis
UsesThe rhizome may be used for controlling bacterial infection as they have antibacterial properties. The root decoction can also be used for controlling diabetes, tumor, hyperliposis and hepatitis
SourceHossain, M.M.2009. Med. Aromat. Pl. Sci. Biotehnol., 1:101-6; Kumar, S. 2002. The medicinal plants of North-East India. Scientific Publishers, Judhpur, India.

Accession number : SI64834130 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Dendrobium candidum Wall.ex.Lindl
Common Name N/A
Place - Nagaland- recorded in Saramati, Japu range and Phek areas

Parts Used:

1: Leaf  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name Hyperglycemia, Diabetes
UsesThe leaves are used to prepare aqueous extract which can be used for the treatment of diabetics
SourceWu, H.S., Xu, J.H., Chen, L.Z. and Sun, J.J. 2004. Studies on anti-hyperglycemic effect and its mechanism of Dendrobium candidum. Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi., 29: 160-163.

Accession number : NG19757920 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Blumea balsamifera
Common Name Langthrei (Manipuri)
Place - Commonly found in Manipur

Parts Used:

1: whole plant  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name Diabetes, Fever
UsesThe whole plant is used in insomnia, as expectorant and in Cough. Leaf extract produces drop in blood pressure, dilation of blood vessel and body pain. Leaf are used as fish- poison.
SourceNeogi, B., M. N. V. Prasad and R. R. Rao (1989).Ethnobotany of some weeds of Khasi and Garo Hills,Meghalaya, Northeast India. Economic botany, 43(4): 471-479; Tiwari, K.C. and Tiwari, V.P. (1996). Some important medicinal plants of the tropical, subtropical temperate region of Siang, Subansiri and Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh. JETB Add Series 12: 359- 363

Accession number : DI77938225 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Alpinia galanga
Common Name Kanghoo (Manipuri)
Place - Commonly found in Loktak and Keibul area of Manipur.

Parts Used:

1: Rhizome  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name Acute bronchitis, Diarrhoea, Fever, Diabetes, Cough, Piles
UsesFresh rhizome is applied to ringworm and other skin diseases. It is also taken in intestinal worms, high body temperature and as abortifacient, the paste is also applied in leucoderma, regulate bllod circulation.
SourceDr.S.C Sinha (2001) Medicinal plants of Manipur; H.B. SINGH, R.S. SINGH, J.S. SANDHU (2003) Herbal medicine of Manipur; Janmeda, B.S., Lokendra, S. and Vats, P. (2006) Folk claims on monocotyledonous plants in east sikkim.Journal of Non-Timber Forest Products. Pp 155-160; Gogoi, R., and M.K. Das (2003). Observations on some weeds of medicinal importance in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam. J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 27(2) : 434-441.