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Accession number : QX17436149 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Vanda coerulea Griff. Ex Lindl
Common Name N/A
Place - Nagaland- found in Kohima, Phek and Paren regions

Parts Used:

1: Leaf
Medicinal information
Disease Name
UsesThe leaves of the plant can be used as expectorant
SourceDeorani, S.C. and Sharma, G.D. 2006. Medicinal plants of Nagaland. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, New Delhi.
2: Flower
Medicinal information
Disease Name Glaucoma,Cataract and Blindness
UsesJuice can be prepared from the flower parts which can be used as eye drops for controlling glaucoma, cataract and blindness.
SourceKumar, S. 2002. The medicinal plants of North-East India. Scientific Publishers, Judhpur, India.

Accession number : YP21862454 PubMed Scirus
Botanical Name Bauhinia purpurea
Common Name Chingthrao (Manipuri)
Place - Commonly found in Manipur and Nagaland

Parts Used:

1: Bark  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name Dysentry, Skin diseases, Small Pox, Sores, Cancerous growth in stomach, leucorrhoea, Asthma, Leprosy and diarrhoea
UsesThe bark extract is applied in insect bites and in irregular menstruation. It is also used for chest pain.
Source Purkayastha, J., Nath, S.C. and Islam, M. (2005). Ethnobotany of medicinal plants from Dibru-Saikhowa Bioshpere Reserve of Northeast India. Fitoterapia 76: 121-127; Dr.S.C Sinha (2001) Medicinal plants of Manipur; Rao, R.R. and Jamir, N.S. (1982). Ethnobotanical studies in Nagaland-II. 54 Medicinal Plants used by Nagas. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 3: 11-17.
2: Leaf  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name Jaundice, Asthma, Leprosy
UsesDecoction of leaf is taken in biliousness and stone in bladder.
SourceDr.S.C Sinha (2001) Medicinal plants of Manipur;
3: Flower  [Constituents]
Medicinal information
Disease Name
UsesFlowers are given in indigestion. The flower-buds are anthelmintic and laxative.
SourceDr.S.C Sinha (2001) Medicinal plants of Manipur; Jamir, N.S. & Rao, R.S., 1990. Fifty new or interesting medicinal plants used by the Zealangs of Nagaland, India. Ethnobotany 2 (1 & 2) : 11-18.